As Thanksgiving approaches this week, the weather is changing! While living in Arizona, we often hear people talk about the intensely hot summers we get and how “The winters are what we live here for.” Between October and mid March we average around seventy degrees during the hottest part of the day and upper forties during the night. Believe it or not, for about two weeks we even get a little frost on our windows in the morning. 

During this time, It is very important to adjust the timer on your irrigation system to prevent overwatering. Overwatering can happen just as easily as underwatering and can cause equal amounts of damage to your beautiful landscape. We suggest to our customers to set the irrigation timer to go off for approximately thirty minutes each day and in the morning to ensure proper soil saturation and the plants are getting an adequate amount of water. Preventing over watering is important to protect your plants from root rot and frostbite. That way they are ready for full blooms and fruit in the spring, for you to enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Citiscapes family to yours!

400372995_687986876641657_4621126306120722291_n Season's are Changing!

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